Fresh Greenery

Each season, we select the highest quality boughs for our beautiful wreaths, swags and greenery. 

You'll find beautiful pieces to display at the entrance to your home, in your windows or on your walls. 

Each piece is handcrafted from noble firs, douglas firs and fresh cedar, all grown here on the farm. 

The boughs are cut and assembled within the following few days to ensure the freshness and quality of each piece!
Large Wreath: with juniper berries, incense cedar &
        pinecones, measuring 24 inches across
        adorned  (decorated)  |  $25
        rustic (undecorated)  |  $21
Small Wreath
        measuring 18 inches across
        decorated  |  $16

Large Swag
        beautiful for entry ways
        measuring 24 inches x 36 inches
        decorated  |  $18
        plain  |  $15

        accent for doorways, walls, and windows
        measuring 33 inches x 40 inches
        large decorated  |  $25
        small decorated  |  $20

        perfectly sized for over your doorway
        measuring 32 inches wide
        decorated  |  $15

Custom Hand Crafted Horse Wreaths
        for the horse lover
        decorated   |  $50
Tree Stands
        We have stands to accomodate every size of
        tree you can find on our farm!  For trees smaller 
        than 8 feet tall, you'll need a small sized stand.  
        For trees larger than 8 feet, you'll need a large stand.
        Large  |  $35
        Small  |  $25

Door hangers for wreaths & swags  |  $3

Tree Skirt / Tree Removal Bag  |  $2.50
        Make cleaning up after Christmas a breeze!    
        The tree skirt/removal bag is placed under your tree & 
        tree skirt.  When the holiday is over, remove your 
        tree skirt and pull the bag up and over the tree to 
        contain the needles and mess.  Quick and easy!  Fits 
        trees up to 90 inches tall and 144 inches round.

Bows, 10-12 inches wide  |  $4

Tree Preserver
        To extend the life of your tree, add the preserve to the 
        water in the tree stand!
        2 oz  |  $1.75